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Our Travel Dreams are Healthy


As we all know, difficult times came to stay. The start of the COVID-19 crisis put the world upside down. However, we’re now starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel, and this could not be possible without the effort of so many people that stayed at home, the hard work of doctors and scientists, and the love and support of our travel community.
We want you to know that despite the rough wave, our travel dreams are healthy and ready to hit the road again.
Are you feeling the same? Maybe you still have some doubts especially about the sanitary situation in other countries, and the restrictions and protocols to circulate and lodge.
We’ve been thinking about all that too. Let’s read!
What has happened in Argentina since the COVID-19 crisis started?
Well, first the Government declared the lockdown in the whole country for around two weeks, which has been extended several times and is in full practice still today at least in Buenos Aires. During these months, most of the provinces have been opening and restricting that lockdown according to the increase or absence of new cases, and many of them are following different phases of opening and restriction of the local circulation and the circulation between provinces.
Buenos Aires, our capital, for instance, has maintained the lockdown (with few flexibilizations from time to time) since the 21st March. The government makes regular announcements to notice about the extension of the quarantine. In the latest, some shops, cafes and restaurants got permission to reopen their doors applying the safety protocol (outdoor tables and regular sanitizing). The government still ask the population to stay at home as much as possible, use face masks in the street, and respect social distancing.
The Government of Argentina faced the crisis in advance which helped to preserve the population and avoid the collapse of the health system. This procedure has been applauded by the international community and keeps going until today.
*Based on the daily report of the Ministry of Health, Argentina. To read all the daily reports, please follow this link (only in Spanish). 
What are we planning to make you feel safe traveling with us?
Our commitment in regular times has always been to the safety of our environment, the communities we visit and to our travelers. And that has not changed. As professional explorers, we are used to changing and adapting to the circumstances. We’ve been working on a new Safety Protocol to be prepared for your next visit. Just to share a few items of this new protocol with you:
Before starting your tour experience,  the “good neighbors” talk
We want to make sure that you know the most important safety measures you will have to respect and follow once in Argentina. Your tour guide will explain the safety measures before, during and after the tour so you can evacuate all your doubts and avoid any inconvenience during your travel experience. For i.g, do not share your personal belongings, do not remove your face mask during the tour.
Hand sanitizer in every vehicle 
Every vehicle will be furnished with big hand sanitizers which will be administered by our guides to avoid crowds around the dispenser. Each time you hop-on and off the vehicle, our guides will sanitize your hands. 
We’ll be all wearing face masks during the trip
During the tour experiences, tour guides, drivers and you, we’ll be all wearing face masks, and we’ll try to minimize personal contact, avoid shaking hands or sharing beverages (like the mate, our tea-type national drink). We’ll always bring a first-aid kit adapted to the kind of tour we’ll be enjoying. In case of long excursions (more than 2 hours), we’ll bolster hygiene and sanitizing measures inside the vehicle (special sanitizing protocol for vehicles which includes frequent ventilation of spaces) and hand sanitizing.
Documentation before and while traveling
We’ll send all the documentation you’ll need to access some of the attractions and places you’ll visit so you can send it back to us before your travel starts (let’s avoid unnecessary paperwork when you get here).  If necessary, the same procedure will be applied during your trip.

This is the Best Time to Book Your Next Adventure

Special Booking Policy – Terms & Conditions 
Though we all are a bit down in the dumps with the COVID crisis, we are still here, ready to help you keep the good vibes up! And the best way to achieve this precious goal is to travel. Travel has always helped us going through difficult times because our dreams have always come true on the road. We decided to offer you the possibility to book now a trip for the future. To help you make a simple decision that may now seem difficult in these uncertain times we’re living, we want you to know that:
 You can now book a trip with us only by making a 10% deposit on the total price of the booked services during the trip.* And if any last-minute change occurs, we have you covered! Any travel you book with us from 25th April 2020 may be:
  • Canceled 15 days before travel with a full refund!
  • Canceled between 14 and 8 days before travel with a 50% refund
  • Canceled between 7 and 0 days before travel with no refund (except cancelation by COVID-19 virus )
We miss being out there into the world. We know you’re feeling the same way, and you’re giving your best to put out the fight as we all are. We want to be helpful to our community of devoted travelers. Keeping the wanderlust spirit going it’s our most important duty. Keeping our dreams of an amazing future going, it’s our all duty.
Let’s stay in touch.
Virtual greetings from Argentina
*Domestic flights must be paid full-price in advance. *The terms of this Special Booking Policy only apply for cancellation by COVID-19. For any other canceling reason our regular Booking Policy will be applied. The terms of this Special Booking Policy does not apply for group journeys nor for trips booked before 25th April 2020. They run for trips from September 2020 till May 2021, except for those who travel between the 20th December 2020 and the 5th of January 2021. In those excepted cases, our regular Booking Policy will be applied.