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Posted on 08/31/2011 Inspirational Trips & News

Walking Tour in Buenos Aires

This blog is written as a trip review by one of our passengers who visited Buenos Aires

In all honesty, when I was told that I would be attending a walking tour in Buenos Aires, I was less than thrilled. Previous experiences with walking tours in the US and Mexico had left me with a bitter feeling towards similar activities in the future, but this one truly exceeded all expectations. Buenos Aires is an amazing city!

My group–of around 20 students–met in front of Banco de la Nación in the corner of Plaza de Mayo around mid-afternoon to start our walking tour in Buenos Aires. We were greeted by our tour guide, Luciano. Despite being young, Luciano clearly knew what he was talking about as he was able to tell us things even my host mother didn´t know. We walked all over the Plaza and listened as Luciano fought hard to make his voice heard over the noisy hoards of people. Although I had been in the Plaza before, I learned a ton from the guide that I would have never learned on my own–why La Casa Rosada is pink, why the Cabildo is smaller now than it originally was, why the Madres wore white scarves, etc.

Walking Tour of Buenos Aires

The world famous Casa Rosada at Plaza de Mayo

Fighting our way of the Plaza de Mayo, we made our way towards San Telmo. The walk in that direction was bursting with unique architecture, statues, and famous houses which we stopped to talk about in detail. Finally, the tour ended in Plaza Dorrego, a beautiful and very popular section of the barrio. Although we went on a Saturday, and therefore missed the fair that takes place on Sundays, the Plaza was still buzzing with people looking into shops, others selling their wares, and still others simply enjoying the scenery. All in all, the walking tour in Buenos Aires, was a very pleasant way to spend a sunny afternooon in Buenos Aires and I would highly recommend it to anyone looking to learn some history and explore a little bit of the city.

Walking Tour of Buenos Aires

During the sunday Market of San Telmo, Plaza Dorrego is totally crowded with visitors

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