Travel with a curious, open and responsible heart is what we call

the eye of the explorer.

Our sustainable values (Armar este apartado con bloque FAQ)

Protection of nature (FAQ)


Having a responsible travel heart means for us to protect nature above all. That’s why we decided to engage in different projects designed to fight against the most defying environmental issues the region is dealing with:

  • Contamination by plastic single use products.
  • Increase of Global Warming by non-offseted C02 footprints.
  • Deforestation 


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Respect for local cultures (FAQ)


Sustainability for us is also to cultivate and protect human bonds and traditions. We are always welcomed guests when we travel through the region. Thus, we decided to partner with a small family businesses local operator. This is our way to contribute to local economies, many times left behind by big travel corporations, and create a constant flow of work opportunities. Working with them not only provides the best hosting service, but also outstanding expertise on the ground, and learning experiences on local culture and traditions.


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Transformational travel 


When we get involved to make positive changes in our environment we change too. Our way of eating, learning and moving through the world evolves into a more symbiotic way of living with nature. We design transformational trips because we like to immerse in real human experiences and enjoy learning about new cultures. This is our way to preserve another endangered part of the world, the cultural diversity. 


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What we are actually doing to get things better?

Carbon Emissions

Carbon Emissions

Plant a tree

Plant a tree

Climate Emergency Declaration

Climate Emergency Declaration

Adventure Travel Climate Actions

Adventure Travel Climate Actions

What are we dealing with in Argentina?

Plastic pollution

The Ocean currently receives 13 million tons of plastic annually. This will triple in the next 20 years. In Argentina, by 2019, 83,2% of the pollutant waste on the coast was plastic-based.

Read more about plastic pollution in the oceans of the world in the United Nation Environment Programme.

Carbon Emissions

Australis Cruise - Patagonia

Argentina produces 178.94 millions tons of CO2 per year. Luckily, carbon represents only 1% of the energy used in the country. However, we do not have a great global ranking according to the 2021 Climate transparency Record so we have a long way to go!


Argentina had 11.504 deforestation alerts in 2020; 78% were caused by fire. SAT is a national-designed satelital tool to keep trace of Argentina’s woods’ conservation status.

What can you do to help?

Get involved in our restoring native trees projects.

Maybe you are not hitting a reforesting targeted destination on your trip. That doesn’t mean you can not get involved with our project! Get in touch with us and we’ll feature your options to be part of this crucial project. 

Help to encourage the local industry

When finding a place to eat, try to buy from local vendors. Do a little research before traveling, get informed about if there are any dress restrictions, and learn some useful words in the original language. Little actions you can take to promote big changes. 

Interact with the local fauna responsibly.

Animals are precious life companions. They walked the Earth before humans. So, be kind and respectful with animals you meet on the road. Learn about its simple, wise way of living in harmony with nature.

And by always keeping in mind that popular golden rule 

that teaches to treat others as you would love to be treated.